Nursing and care

Welcome to the residence of Gustav

Herzlich willkommen in der Residenz Gustav

The person as an individual is the focal point of our nursing, with his/her uniqueness, story, social environment and the current health situation.

Our offer, our goals

  • Life quality in spite of health restrictions right up to the last moment.

  • Professional medical and nursing care, even in complex situations, based on specialist know-how and expertise (free choice of doctor)

  • Maintenance and/or promotion of available resources (activation)

  • Competent and empathetic support and care, even in difficult situations, while including the social environment

Our attitude towards older people

Ageing is a process and confronts people with new challenges. We want to shape this process together with the guest and his/her relatives, tailored to his/her individual needs, while maintaining his/her autonomy and dignity. We create the framework conditions (interpersonally, spatially and atmospherically) that convey well-being and a feeling of being in good hands.

Primary nursing

A qualified nurse who primarily looks after the nursing management of the guest is responsible for each guest. He/she is also the main person of contact for the relatives.

Palliative Care 

Die life phase of ageing is often combined with chronic diseases and pain. Today's medical progress and its possibilities of complex therapies also requires nursing and support in palliative situations that takes this complexity into account. An older person should experience need-oriented support and alleviation of his/her symptoms during this phase of life in order to be able to take part in daily life. Accordingly, we feel committed to an attitude/culture that outlines "Palliative Care" (WHO 2002).


An interdisciplinary approach and a professionally experienced nursing team (in the areas of: palliative care, surgery, anaesthesia, activation, intensive care, gerontology, psychiatry, etc.) makes it a goal to offer high-quality nursing and care. For this purpose they continuously update their knowledge in a target-oriented manner.

Room offer

The spacious single rooms (23 to 30 m2) all have their own bathroom with a closomat toilet. Bigger rooms can be prepared for married couples on request. The rooms are furnished with a modern nursing bed, built-in wardrobes, a safe and a fridge. Thus there is also room for own furniture. Furthermore, on the same floor there is a dining area with an adjacent terrace that leads to the inner courtyard, as well as a bathroom with a modern bathtub, for relaxing moments with music and lighting effects.

Gustav-Gull-Platz 5
8004 Zürich

Phone +41 44 250 65 00