Who was Gustav Gull?

Gustav Gull (1858 – 1942) was one of the most important and influential artists ever to work in the city of Zurich. He ensured his immortality with edifices such as the National Museum, the Urania Observatory and the Town Hall. His grand-scale vision for Zurich left a lasting and impressive mark on the city, despite the fact that he was unable to bring all his plans to fruition. Even when past the peak of his career, he continued to work on the city’s architectural development. He had a particular interest in the renovation of the main railway station.

He would probably have been proud to see that his vision has found a modern form of expression in the city’s urban planning: specifically, in the new Europaallee district, which leads directly away from the main station. As a tribute to his legacy, the square at the eastern end of Europaallee will be named after him: Gustav-Gull-Platz.